fredag 2. oktober 2009

Frequently asked questions for Herr Nilsson

- If you were the Beatles (which you most definately aren`t): In which period would you place your band at this state?

- I could be really optimistic and say that this new album is our ”A hard days night”, and that we are about to move along into our marihuana period. But no, we are not cheery moptops and there are no Herrnilssonmania that I have been aware of lately. Although your question is clever, I think it`s not very appropriate. I`m sorry to say bands are not run this way anymore , althogh in the beginning I wanted our band to release records as often as Beatles did. We planned for our second album to be released the same year as our first. It just wasn`t possible, and could ceratainly not be combined with famliy life and a day job. If you really want an answer, I`d say we`ve been through a quick Let It Be-period, but we moved on and made a good album (not unlike Abbey Road, only without the long medley). Only difference is, we are not quitting, and we have not been to court.

- We have hardly heard from the band for at least a year! What happened, are you dead or something? And why have you not been playing live for so long? Are you scared of audiences?

- Yes, there`s been little live-playing lately and I am sorry for that. The main reason is we got a little tired of ourself last year. So we decided we needed a new set of songs and a new record, and we said to ourself ”no new gigs until we were ready”. Now, we are getting ready. We are playing Samfundet on 6. November, and will play some more early next year. But to be honest: Herr Nilsson will never be a great big touring band. There are to many people, to little money, and to little time to make that possible. So we have to prefer quality over quantity when we pick our gigs.

So what about this new album you`ve been bragging about? Is it any good?

- Well, yeah. I like it a lot because it is quick, live and a bit understated, which is a drastic new move for us. Although I like our first two albums, I must admit they have been slightly over-cooked. This new one is spaghetti you have to chew, cause it only cooked for seven minutes. Listening to it, I think one or two songs are a bit under-written, wich is my own mistake. But that is the downside to making an album in a short period of time. And it is better to under-write a song, than to over-write it, which is the worst you can do.

- Have you replaced those crappy keryboards and bought a proper one?

- No we haven`t. Next question...

- Are you still eight members? And if so, why?

- Yes we are! Einar is touring a lot with Casiokids, and Eirik is working as an archeologist in Sogn or Fjordane, so they are joining us whenever they are in town. We are rehearsing with six members, and that is ok. Why we are still all eight? Cause when all of us is kicking in, we are the best band you will ever hear!

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