tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Finn fem feil - vinn signert EP!

Herr Nilsson har vært på fest, og alt var ikke slik vi mener å huske at det var. Klarer du å saumfare bilde 2 og finne fem feil?

Send ditt svar til nocamp@hotmail.com og bli den heldige vinneren av singert Nilsson-CD! Alle skal få!
1. premie: LPen Long Live Herr Nilsson (fem eks)
2. premie EPen Tuesday Is My Birthday

torsdag 24. juni 2010

Five Years

Five Years by David Bowie is a very good song, I think. Not the greatest, but certainly one of my favourites. I`m especially fond of the line «I think I saw you at the ice cream parlor, drinking milk-shakes cold and long. Smiling and waving and looking so fine, don`t think you knew you were in this song». This is such a good line in a song about the acopalypse! I think he had a dream about the human race having five years left to live, and this is the point where he steps out of the story in a sort of meta-poetry.

I also like it when he sings: All the fat-skinny people, all the tall-short people, all the somebody-people, all the nobody-people. I always thought he sang «tortured people» but now I get it. Impressive!

The other thing I like about it, is the sound of the drums. Dry, tiny drums that just go on through the song in the same pattern. Which brings me to the reason I´m writing this. The drum intro I must say, is very sample-friendly, and I must admit I`ve stolen it in almost every home-demo I`ve made for the last three years. And to my ears, it works! So if you want some fitting drums to your lo-fi-record, I recommend you try them to!

The great thing about early David Bowie is that it sounds like a small band in a small room playing very big tunes. Nowadays it`s usually the opposite.

Where is David Bowie these days, by the way? He hasn`t released anything since 2003, and hasn`t played live since 2006, when someone threw a lollipop at him in Oslo. Some think he has retired. I hope not! He`s my hero and guiding star!