tirsdag 28. desember 2010

A quick demo


Snowy Mountains by Herr Nilsson

And a happy new year from Herr Nilsson to the rest of the world!

tirsdag 30. november 2010


This is a song called Niagara Falls

Have a great December!

Herr Nilsson

søndag 28. november 2010

December is not far away

Last year we released our single «December» on this blog on December 1. That was a lot of fun. So, of course we will be doing it this year as well! And not the same song, but a brand new one. And December is not far away. Let`s hope December 2 will be better than Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Karate Kid 2, Hot Shots 2 and Rambo 2.

The picture above gives you a little clue about the name of the new song.

mandag 11. oktober 2010

mandag 6. september 2010

torsdag 29. juli 2010

New demo: Love Is Figures And Charts

howdy! Here is a new demo called «Love is figures and charts». Hope you like it!

Love Is Figures And Charts by Herr Nilsson

søndag 25. juli 2010

Childrens radio

A while ago Herr Nilsson recorded some pieces of music for a childrens radio show called Krønsj. It was a short radio-series about young teenagers with strange problems. The music was recorded in HPs studio at Møhlenpris and it turned out to sound like this:

You can read about it and listen to the episodes here (in norwegian)

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Finn fem feil - vinn signert EP!

Herr Nilsson har vært på fest, og alt var ikke slik vi mener å huske at det var. Klarer du å saumfare bilde 2 og finne fem feil?

Send ditt svar til nocamp@hotmail.com og bli den heldige vinneren av singert Nilsson-CD! Alle skal få!
1. premie: LPen Long Live Herr Nilsson (fem eks)
2. premie EPen Tuesday Is My Birthday

torsdag 24. juni 2010

Five Years

Five Years by David Bowie is a very good song, I think. Not the greatest, but certainly one of my favourites. I`m especially fond of the line «I think I saw you at the ice cream parlor, drinking milk-shakes cold and long. Smiling and waving and looking so fine, don`t think you knew you were in this song». This is such a good line in a song about the acopalypse! I think he had a dream about the human race having five years left to live, and this is the point where he steps out of the story in a sort of meta-poetry.

I also like it when he sings: All the fat-skinny people, all the tall-short people, all the somebody-people, all the nobody-people. I always thought he sang «tortured people» but now I get it. Impressive!

The other thing I like about it, is the sound of the drums. Dry, tiny drums that just go on through the song in the same pattern. Which brings me to the reason I´m writing this. The drum intro I must say, is very sample-friendly, and I must admit I`ve stolen it in almost every home-demo I`ve made for the last three years. And to my ears, it works! So if you want some fitting drums to your lo-fi-record, I recommend you try them to!

The great thing about early David Bowie is that it sounds like a small band in a small room playing very big tunes. Nowadays it`s usually the opposite.

Where is David Bowie these days, by the way? He hasn`t released anything since 2003, and hasn`t played live since 2006, when someone threw a lollipop at him in Oslo. Some think he has retired. I hope not! He`s my hero and guiding star!

søndag 16. mai 2010

How are you!

Thank you for visiting or even following this blog! Nothing much has happened here lately, and even less has been recorded in my home-studio, which is wherever i put my laptop. This is the only new song I`ve made a finished demo of after the latest album was finished. Soon I`m having a «pappaperm», which could mean more time for such things. Or maybe not!

The picture is from circus Arnardo, behind the scenes!

lørdag 3. april 2010

fredag 19. mars 2010

Long Live Herr Nilsson

The new album will be released on 6. April in Norway, and digitally in the rest of the wold!

1. Traffic Jams
2. Belly Floor
3. The Fox Eats The Rabbit
4. Olympic Fire
5. Resistance
6. Don`t Put Your Money On My Horse
7. Out With The Wolves
8. Fell Into My Old Hole
9. Not A Word
10. Tell Your Mother
11. Killing The Business Man
12. December