torsdag 12. januar 2012

I`m No Elvis

It`s been a ridiculously long time. And also, it`s been quite a while since I`m No Elvis was released. Finally, it`s now available for digital downloading on CDBaby. It`ll be on Itunes and most other digital stores in the near future.

And I must say, Asle Birkelands cover is more shiny than ever!

By the way, Herr Nilsson is not living the lazy life these days. Our fourth record is being recorded at our place in Grieghallen, and as always, we are excited. Song-titles include «Little Bird Giant Wings», «Yellow Pages», «Figures & Charts», «Your Feelings Are Not Important», «Jump Off» and «Monday». Some of them you might have heard in their early demo-form on this webpage, but things are starting to sound different, in a good way!


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